unidos-vereintOne of the early pieces, although not of the very first ones. Here I already began to create hollows covered with metal leaf all around. This piece of jewellery is the one that is reproduced on my visiting-card.

I’m your Venus

Does anybody NOT remember the song “Venus” of “Shocking Blue”? It appeared vividly in my mind when I had finished this piece. White goldleaf inside. A simple facet on the rear, the same on the four sides, creates an astonishing effect, depending on the distance and angle from where you look at the jewel.




“Tornado Love”


Tornado Love b

This extraordinary piece is made with colourless floatglass and two types of coloured handmade glass.

Tornado Love c

The hollows inside are created with small diamond grinders and covered with 23 3/4 carat goldleaf.

Dimensions: 60 x 41 x 9 mm

Weight: 15,1 g

Price: 240,– €

“Cupid’s Arrowhead”

Amors Pfeilspitze a

A very special detail of this pendant is the combined wedge-shaped cut inside, which is made creating two cuts with diamond wheels of a different angle.

Amors Pfeilspitze b

The resulting hollow is, as I do with most of my pendants, covered with 23 3/4 carat goldleaf. As necklace I used a so called snake-necklace, made of 925/000 silver.

Dimensions: 54 x 29 x 10 mm

Weight: 15,5 g

Price: 165,– €

“Shooting Star” and “Little Gypsy”

This pendant is not faceted, but cut smooth round. The “Shooting Star” inside was done with diamond-grinders of 5 different sizes and is covered with 23 carat goldleaf.

Dimensions: 50 x 11 x 12 mm

Weight: 7,5 g

Price: 140,-€

The earrings “Little Gypsy” were made using handmade glass of a dimmed violet colour. The wedge-shaped cut inside is covered with 23 carat goldleaf.

Gitanilla a

Gitanilla b

Dimensions: 32 x 14 x 5 mm
Weight: 3,8 g each
Price for the couple: 150,-€

“Alegría” and “Reflections”

These earrings are meant to bring “Alegría” (“Happiness”)!

Dimensions: 28 x 10 x 11 mm
Weight: 5 g each
Price for the couple: 140,-€

The pendant “Reflections” looks rather simple,

Reflections c

but during the process of cutting it represented quite a challenge …

Reflections b

it has a pentagon-shape cross-section!

Reflections a

That causes interesting  … reflections!

Reflections d

Dimensions: 49 x 11 x 11 mm

Weight: 6,8 g

Price: 140,- €

“Tu y Yo” (“You and I”)

A new couple of earrings made of slightly amber coloured handmade glass.pendientes ambar 1

pendientes ambar 2Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 15 x 39 x 4 mm

Weight (Glass): 3,6 g each

Price for the couple: 130,–€

“Find Me!”

Anhänger Just recently came out of my workshop!

With opaque white Glass, the interior cut is covered with 23 3/4 karat gold leaf..

Necklace made of 925/1000 silver, gold-plated.

Dimensions: H x W x D: 52mm x 27 mm x 7 mm

Weight: 14,1 g

Price: 135,– Euro

Constellation-pendant “Aries”

From the constellation-pendants, the most recent “Aries”.

Coloured “Echt-Antik”-glass with 23 3/4-carat gold inlay, necklace made of 925/000 silver.

Size: 48 mm wide, 35 mm high, approx. 4 mm thick

Price: 98,– €

Widder 1 Widder 2


Bernstein-Paar 1.JPG

With amber coloured glass you also can achieve a combination that is worth to have a look at it.

Front and back are curved, which creates a magnifying-glass-effect and alienizes reflections.

Bernstein-Paar 4

Finally a picture with neutral background, which allows to recognize a little better the structure of the piece. Bernstein-Paar 2

Size: 55 x 18 x 11 mm

“in the Green”

A beautiful piece made of laminated green “Echt-Antik®”-Glass, with a drop-shaped hollow inside, which is covered with goldleaf. The outer surface is smoothed, without facets.

im Grünen 1I took the pictures in the forest. The two stone-backgrounds were found by the brook, im Grünen 2

for the third picture I used a trunk.

im Grünen 3

Size: 53 x 23 x 8 mm

Price: 170,– €


CompanionsThis pendant is, as I do with the earrings, composed of only two glass layers. The wedge-style cuts are introduced obliquely and I used two kinds of precious leaf metal: gold and white gold.

Size: 48 x 28 x 6 mm
Weight: 14g

Price: 130,–€

Earrings “Silver Leaf in Nightblue”

Ohrhänger Earrings made of “Echt-Antik®” and float-glass, interior leaf-shaped cut covered with silverleaf.
Findings made of 925/000 silver.

Size: 43x18x5mm
Weight: 2x ca. 10g

Price for the pair: 95,–€

Earrings “Golden Leaf in Clear Glass”

Ohrhänger Specially light and small version of earrings.
Laminated floatglass, with a leaf-shaped interior cut, that is covered with goldleaf.
Findings made of silver 925/000.

Size: 30x13x4mm
Weight: 2x ca. 2g

Price of the pair: 150,–€

Earrings “Golden Leaf in Red”

Ohrhänger Earrings made of “Echt-Antik®” and float glass. Interior cut covered with goldleaf.
Findings made of 925/000 silver.

Size: 36 x 13 x 5 mm
Weight: 2 x 5g

Price of the pair: 120,– €