“Dance with me”

A picture of this piece already was published almost two months ago.
Neverthteless, I decided to make a video as well, as it shows the pendant from all sides, what a photograph cannot do.
Nine layers of glass have been used to create this jewellery, the coloured ones are handmade glass and the colourlessis floatglass. The cuts inside are made with diamond grinders and are covered with 24 carat goldleaf.

The sound turned out a little more rocky this time.

“Spring Sun”

A fascinating piece, made up of only two layers of float-glass and quite simple inner and outer cuts – it is just this minimalism that causes the powerful effect of the pendant. The music also was made in my own workshop.

“A Star for You”

A friend from Ireland suggested to use black glass in a piece of jewellery – indeed, I found some such glass in my store; it is so dark, you can hardly even see a blurred reddish stain if you place it right in front of the sun.
This is the first one of my videos of jewellery, in which sound is included. It is a quite simple melody, I created specially for this pendant.

“Blue Flame”

After the vehicle that surpassed the sonic barrier, I called this piece “Blue Flame”, as it reminds me to it for the shape and the included colours. Among my jewejls made up of more than two layers, it was the first one I applied coloured glass in.

“Big point”

The first time … I made a video of a piece of jewellery 😉
The pendant is not the newest one, it waited a long time until it could “turn on” video-presentation of my jewellery.
It consists of three layers of float-glass and is rather small, although not as samll as “Treasure” (published december 9th, 2016): it’s about 25 mm high and 17 mm wide.

“Dance with me”

This jewel is made up of nine layers of glass. Its colour composition is very similar to that of “Tornado Love”, but it is quite a bit smaller.

I show two pictures here, first one with the light coming from above, as if you wear it during the day and then, further to this, with the light coming from below, as it could appear near a camp-fire.

“Lady in Red”

The first piece in which I use this type of red glass. The shape is kept quite simple, just slightly bent surfaces, no facets. Inside little semi-spheres covered with gold leaf, the lower ones decreasing in size. The title is once again borrowed from a song …

“Night Walk”

 It happens many times that you can hardly appreciate a jewel’s real appeal through a photograph. This wonderful piece, which consists of 8 layers of glass, has only recently become property of a very talented hungarian artist (see www.klaranemethy.com or https://www.facebook.com/nemethyart/), who lives in Berlin and wins more and more admirers with her paintings.



This is a set of pendant and earrings, shown together with its packaging and the corresponding certificate, which confirms for every piece that comes out of my workshop that it was handcrafted by myself.

The “Trasgu” is an asturian habitant of the forest, a kind of imp, who is always willing to play tricks on us humans. The pendant alone is called “Gold of the Trasgu”. The earrings are made of the same glass, but have a slightly different interior cut and their original name is a little difficult to translate, it was between “Confidence” and “Hope”.  At wish, I can create earrings or a pendant that go still better together by interior or exterior shape.




tesoro-a tesoro-bThis piece of jewellery ist about the smallest one I have done so far. An enthusiast friend of my work suggested a cube-shaped object with a little ball of gold inside. To get me into the right mood for such a minuscule object, I prepared 4 of them, with 10mm, 9mm, 8,5mm and 8mm edge-length, of which my friend chose the smallest; the 9mm piece has also already found its place in an enthusiast’s heart – and around her neck.

“Velvety Paw”

samtpfoetchenOnce again one of the early pieces, once again one of my favourite works – and in enthusiast  hands for a long time. Quite soon after receiving this delicate pendant, the proud owner was asking for a couple of matching earrings and wears the set full of joy whenever there is an opportunity.


How two pieces turn into a butterfly

ZweiteilerThe original title of this piece of jewellery was “of two pieces”, because the backside, white glass consists of two pieces and for me, the word draws a parralel to garments that are made up of two pieces that belong together. Nonetheless, satisfactory translation was so difficult that I asked my wife for advice and she thought that a completely different, less neutral-descriptive title might suit the piece better. So together we started thinking and it did not take us long to arrive at the “Butterfly”, which can be seen in several ways in the object.



unidos-vereintOne of the early pieces, although not of the very first ones. Here I already began to create hollows covered with metal leaf all around. This piece of jewellery is the one that is reproduced on my visiting-card.

I’m your Venus

Does anybody NOT remember the song “Venus” of “Shocking Blue”? It appeared vividly in my mind when I had finished this piece. White goldleaf inside. A simple facet on the rear, the same on the four sides, creates an astonishing effect, depending on the distance and angle from where you look at the jewel.




“Tornado Love”

Tornado Love b

This extraordinary piece is made with colourless floatglass and two types of coloured handmade glass.

Tornado Love c

The hollows inside are created with small diamond grinders and covered with 23 3/4 carat goldleaf.

Dimensions: 60 x 41 x 9 mm

Weight: 15,1 g

“Cupid’s Arrowhead”

Amors Pfeilspitze a

A very special detail of this pendant is the combined wedge-shaped cut inside, which is made creating two cuts with diamond wheels of a different angle.

Amors Pfeilspitze b

The resulting hollow is, as I do with most of my pendants, covered with 23 3/4 carat goldleaf. As necklace I used a so called snake-necklace, made of 925/000 silver.

Dimensions: 54 x 29 x 10 mm

Weight: 15,5 g

“Shooting Star” and “Little Gypsy”

This pendant is not faceted, but cut smooth round. The “Shooting Star” inside was done with diamond-grinders of 5 different sizes and is covered with 23 carat goldleaf.

Dimensions: 50 x 11 x 12 mm

Weight: 7,5 g

The earrings “Little Gypsy” were made using handmade glass of a dimmed violet colour. The wedge-shaped cut inside is covered with 23 carat goldleaf.

Gitanilla a

Gitanilla b

Dimensions: 32 x 14 x 5 mm
Weight: 3,8 g each

“Alegría” and “Reflections”

These earrings are meant to bring “Alegría” (“Happiness”)!

Dimensions: 28 x 10 x 11 mm
Weight: 5 g each

The pendant “Reflections” looks rather simple,

Reflections c

but during the process of cutting it represented quite a challenge …

Reflections b

it has a pentagon-shape cross-section!

Reflections a

That causes interesting  … reflections!

Reflections d

Dimensions: 49 x 11 x 11 mm

Weight: 6,8 g

pendant “1 Million in Gold”

Although we didn’t hit the jackpot, we have an affordable chance to make a really big present!

1 Million in Gold

Dimensions: 45 x 61 x 5 mm

Weight: 25 g

“Tu y Yo” (“You and I”)

A new couple of earrings made of slightly amber coloured handmade glass.pendientes ambar 1

pendientes ambar 2Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 15 x 39 x 4 mm

Weight: 3,6 g each

“Find Me!”

Anhänger Just recently came out of my workshop!

With opaque white Glass, the interior cut is covered with 23 3/4 karat gold leaf..

Necklace made of 925/1000 silver, gold-plated.

Dimensions: H x W x D: 52mm x 27 mm x 7 mm

Weight: 14,1 g